Our mission: Bond Redheads. End Bullying. Fight Human Trafficking. Redheads Unite!

Redheads Unite!
Be part of something BIG.

All profits go to help fight human trafficking!

Redheads Unite!

Our Mission:

Bringing together the beauty of natural redheads everywhere to support one another and showcase Redheads with Talents, giving our children positive role models.  Our long term goal is to help generations of redheads reach their full potential.

To End Bullying

Many redhead kids are bullied simply for being a redhead.  Let's boost that self esteem by showing them how beautiful redheads are!  

Let's end the cycle.  It starts with the kids.

To Rescue Victims

The proceeds from our fundraising events all goes to helping rescue the victims of human trafficking world wide.  Through our funding of Operation Underground Railroad, we're more than just educating.

We are DOING. 

Get Involved!

Have you heard about The Book Project yet?  

The Founder Speaks

The latest radio interview with Amanda Blackwood speaking about human trafficking has been posted on YouTube.  Please take a moment to listen in and find out what you're helping us to fight with every donation received and every wristband sold.

Learn more about the founder and her personal story through her published book or here on the website


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 Your generous gift will help us save counteless children from human trafficking and give them hope for a better future.
Together, we can make a difference.

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