Pssst!  There's a Redhead Party happening this summer in Colorado...
...and you're invited. 

JULY 14 2018

The Founder Speaks

The latest radio interview with Amanda Blackwood speaking about human trafficking has been posted on YouTube.  Please take a moment to listen in and find out what you're helping us to fight with every donation received and every wristband sold.

Learn more about the founder and her personal story through her published book or here on the website


Redheads Unite!

Our Mission:

Bringing together the beauty of natural redheads everywhere to support one another and showcase Redheads with Talents, giving our children positive role models.  Our long term goal is to help generations of redheads reach their full potential.

To End Bullying

Many redhead kids are bullied simply for being a redhead.  Let's boost that self esteem by showing them how beautiful redheads are!  

Let's end the cycle.  It starts with the kids.

To Rescue Victims

The proceeds from our fundraising events all goes to helping rescue the victims of human trafficking world wide.  Through our funding of Operation Underground Railroad, we're more than just educating.

We are DOING. 

Our Events

If you scroll down just a bit you'll see a full list of our events including radio and TV interviews, events for guests to participate in and even the founder's book signings. Many are open to the public and you're invited!

To RSVP to an event, simply send an email to and list the name and date of the event in the subject line. 

July 14th 2018

This event is A GO!
We've reserved the entire property of Citizen's Park in Edgewater, Colorado.  We're still trying to come up with the full amount to reserve the entire park, but with your help we can do it easily.  We just need a few more wristband sales. They're your only guaranteed entry to the biggest Redheads event of Colorado!

September 2018

We plan to have a "Blind to Trafficking" social experiment dinner in September where the participants are asked to dine blindfolded in an effort to understand a little more about what the victims go through while in captivity.  Participants don't have to be redheads, they just have to show up.  Join us for an evening of education and discussion over fine dining.

Who Are We?

Welcome to the home office of Redheads Unite!  The founder of the organization takes 4 minutes out of her busy day to explain who we are and why we're here for a Kickstarter campaign.  The efforts are to not just provide you with the best possible experience, but to fight human trafficking at its core.  

Welcome home.

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 Your generous gift will help us save counteless children from human trafficking and give them hope for a better future.
Together, we can make a difference.

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