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 The latest radio interview with Amanda Blackwood speaking about human trafficking has been posted on YouTube.  Please take a moment to listen in and find out what you're helping us to fight with every donation received.   

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Amanda agreed to share her story as many times as necessary to get the word out and fight human trafficking.  If you'd like a chance to interview Amanda, contact us today.

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Be sure to check our calendar frequently for future events, book signings, media appearances and ways to participate.  


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Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream

Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream

 One kidnap victims hair raising escape, told in her own words.  

Available online and in local stores.

If you have a book store or know one who would like to carry this groundbreaking book on their shelves, contact us today!  Remember, every penny of sales goes to help fight human trafficking!  

The Miller Miles

 This book was published in May 2018 and is currently available on Amazon.  It's a true story of dishonest revenge in the same style of "tell all" that Amanda wrote her first book in.  Pick up your copy today.  A portion of all proceeds goes to help fight human trafficking.

Coming Soon

Redheads Unite! The Book Project

This book is currently being created with the help of volunteering contributing photographers..  If you're interested in being a contributor to the project, please learn more and contact us.

The Fear of Survival - The Scars of Surviving Violence.

Giving a voice to the survivors means relying on those brave enough to tell their story.  Contributors may remain anonymous. Contact us.