Making a Purchase

For all goods and services, use PayPal or contact us directly for alternative means.  Through PayPal we accept all forms of credit cards and bank transfers. 

  • Catered Meals
    • $25 each 
      • (Horderves, 2 item main, dessert)
    • $30 each 
      • (Horderves, 3 item main, dessert)
    • $35 each 
      • (Horderves, 4 item main, dessert)

  • Custom Recipes
    • $10 main course
    • $5 side item
    • $5 desserts
    • $5 horderves
      • Custom recipes can be made specific to your requirements.  We specialize in vegan, Crohn's, Celiacs and other dietary requirements.

A portion of all proceeds goes to help fight human trafficking through Redheads Unite.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card