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Our In Print Sponsorship

O. U. R.

We have officially obtained an agreement with Operation Underground Railroad!  Next up we're trying to get perhaps the founder of O.U.R. himself to come and give a talk about their mission 

and why they do what they do.
Meanwhile why not learn all about them?


WPPI provided us with booth space  to help promote the event, the book and the efforts we are making to end bullying and fight human trafficking.  We're extremely grateful to them and look forward to an entire chapter of the book including images from the conference we attended in February in Las Vegas, Nevada.  



Revolar, a local Colorado company who makes personal safety devices, wants to support us!  We have a SPECIAL discount on all of their products!  By clicking on "Revolar" below in red, you'll receive 20% off any item purchased on the website because "Redheads Rock" according to the founder of Revolar.

The Colfax Museum

The Colfax Museum has offered to 

assist with the event, but more than that, the founder of the Colfax Museum himself will be performing at the event!  That's right, the Colfax Museum curator is Jonny Barber himself, Denver's own Velvet Elvis!

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We have several sponsorship levels available, from the printed program to stage banners.  If you're interested in sponsoring this event, please reach out to us today!  There aren't many spots left.

Private Party Sponsorship

Brian Ferdani of Chico, CA 

donated $1,000 to make the 

event happen.  When the founder

 thanked him for his generous

 donation, Brian was quoted as saying:

  • "You touched my heart. I can’t imagine the fear and suffering you went through at the hands of those monsters. And that any man could take you and not realize what was going on or even care."

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