Ways to Help - Volunteer Opportunities

The Need

There is a great need of assistance when it comes to rescuing children from human trafficking.  While the travel expenses can certainly add up, there's a LOT more to helping a child than simply rescuing them from the kidnappers and traffickers.  

How to Help

  1. Pass out our flyers!  (Scroll down)
  2. Volunteer for the event (organizing)
  3. Volunteer for the event (clean up)
  4. Volunteer for the event (phone campaigns)
  5. Volunteer for the event (contact corporate sponsors)
  6. Volunteer for the event (city permits)
  7. Volunteer for the event (organize donations)
  8. Volunteer for the event (sell tickets)
  9. Volunteer for the event (security)
  10. Volunteer for the event (respond to emails)
  11. Volunteer for the event (respond to calls)
  12. Volunteer for the event (vendor registration)
  13. Volunteer for the event (sell merchandise)

  1. Donate: clothing  (Sizes 2T to childrens 14)
  2. Donate:  food (non-perishables)
  3. Donate: Printing services
  4. Donate: (office supplies for volunteers)
  5. Donate: Toiletries (unused soap, shampoo, toothpaste) 

No Donation Too Small

There's so much good you can do with even the smallest donations, be they money or items.  Please contact the organization if you're looking for ways to help. 


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You  can download and print out these flyers to hang in your place of  business.
Let us know you're doing it - email us a photo of our sign  next to yours and we'll add you to the gallery of images!

You can also pass out flyers in your neighborhood!  We'll happily post a photo of you with our flyers!


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Photography Liaison

Amanda Gentile

Entertainment and Vendor Contract Services

Volunteer for the Board

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Volunteer for Redheads Unite!

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Help Our Cause

You don't have to be a redhead to help.  If you'd like to donate to the organization, you can simply enough through the protected PayPal process.  

You can help change the world for these victims of human trafficking.  Give them something they wouldn't have without you:
              A CHANCE. 

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