Michelle S.

"We had a fun day today! We both had photoshoots and my redhead [son] did amazing! He's a natural! He wanted to get behind the camera as well. Tys shoot was with fellow beautiful redheads and he is so excited to be a part of the initiative.  Again thank you so much to everyone that was part of today and made it so special!"
-Mother of Ty, pictured to the left.

Bob L.


"I'm always on the lookout for a few select organizations where I can volunteer my time and talents to make a difference in some small way. I was intrigued when I saw the Redheads Unite casting call for photographers. As I read about The Book Project and the mission of the organization, I was hooked! With 7 beautiful redheads in my extended family, how could I say no? What a reward to get to meet and work with so many great people to help bring this worthwhile project to life."

Collette Susman

"My experience as a contributing photographer has been so moving to know that my photography is going to be assisting, and not only celebrating who we are and who we achieve to be as redheads, but it also serves as a way for me to know that I am making an impact on the life of someone else and that my photography is making a difference in the world."

Ron H.

  "I have worked with Amanda many times as a photographer. She's an amazing lady. Not just a pretty model, which she is, but a wonderful thoughtful, caring individual. She has a message to share to all of you and this upcoming Redheads Unite gathering is a fantastic way to share that message."  

Corwin D.

  "I have had fun at the shoot with Redheads Unite - it has been cool to see how each photographer will find a different way to portray the beauty of all of us with red hair. "I love being a redhead. I have always been different, sometimes that helps me and sometimes it makes my life harder - but being a redhead gives me a way I can be different and proud, not because it is good or bad, but because I love it. I sometimes wonder how it would affect my identify to lose my hair. I guess I would still be a proud redhead at heart." 

Amanda M.

"Last  weekend I participated in a redhead photo shoot for a charitable cause.  It was so fun to stroll around downtown together and to feel such a  unique bond with these former strangers.   Fun fact: All redheads are traced back to the same ancestor, 70,000 years ago in West Asia "

Jyme T.

"My [children and I] did a photo shoot with  [Redheads Unite!] recently. I can not begin to express the  blessing that came out of this day, to meet other beautiful Red heads of  all walks. From men to women and young and well mid age beauties,  having community with these amazing people was eye opening. God truly  brings people together in many ways and even if you aren’t a believer,  the fact that we are so very unique and different.  Thank you so much for sharing this  day with my family and I recommend to anyone to get out there and be  you!!! 

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Allen P.

  "Amanda  has a warm disposition, a compassionate heart, and she also has a fiery  side to her as well. It's that no-nonsense, make things right, bust  your chops attitude which makes her a fantastic candidate to fight for  victims of human trafficking. I'm amazing how she's organized Redheads  Unite with so many good people with great ideas to get behind her cause,  but I'm not surprised as I see bigger and better things on the horizon  from her and the organization."